Click through for a full set of Sandy aftermath photos

Click through for a full set of Sandy aftermath photos

Hurricane Sandy

Now that the power is on I can tell you all the tales of how awful the storm and it’s aftermath were for us. Things got so drastic that by day 4 the living envied the dead…

Nah, not really. It honestly wasn’t much of an imposition on us at all. While some people took it on the chin (and still are) it was pretty mellow in the East Village. It’s not like I had a job to go to anyway, and I’m generally a very prepared individual. In the run-up to Sandy the news was full of lists of things to stock up on. I already had all of it, so we basically checked the batteries, hunkered down and rode it out. On Halloween we impulsively jumped into a cab and ran up to The Palm for giant prime steaks and all that goes with them. If that aint Disaster Fantasy Camp I don’t know what is. If we could vote to turn the power off one week a month I’d probably be in favor of it.

Plenty of folks were much less fortunate than us, though, and I strongly encourage all of you to consider helping these folks out:

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Hurricane prep is now complete.

Hurricane prep is now complete.

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The Department of Sanitation has helpfully staged projectiles on every corner. Seriously, they emptied all of the trash cans and turned them over. Didn’t tie them down, or haul them away. Didn’t drop a sandbag in each one. Nope, they turned them over. This could get fun.

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Neil Young See the Sky About to Rain

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