Interesting read. In 1989, the year Max Fish opened, I lived in a loft on Essex Street that shared a back yard with the bar. I spent a lot of time there; it was a great spot. Remember seeing Iggy there a few times, thd the Blues Explosion guys and other musicians but never really thought of it as an “art” bar. I suppose the story depends on who is telling it. Anyway, some very good memories there.

Anniversary Dinner

We had a lovely, semi-casual celebratory meal at A’pizz. It was particularly nice as I have been counting calories and it was a rare treat to cut loose a little bit. I realized that on the way home we strolled past The Meatball Shop (meatballs), Stanton Social (small plates and amazing desserts), Katz’s (pastrami and matzoh ball soup) , Montanara (fried pizza), Russ and Daughters (smoked salmon, whitefish salad, house made cream cheese) Los Feliz (fish tacos), and Laboritoria del Gelato (gelato and sorbet), all of which have provided me succulent treats in the past. My God, it is tough for a food lover like me to keep on the straight and narrow around here.