dysfunctionarian said: So glad I’m a heathen. How well do you think those would Fed Ex?

Oh how I wish they would. Madsen’s is only open in the summer and I have driven two hours out of my way to get there. They still use some sort of evil oil laden with trans fats to get a nice crisp to the outside of the eclairs. Absolute donut heaven.

You could even say that I can eat Many Madsen Donuts.

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Moe is SO stoned!

Took Moe in for a teeth cleaning and they gave him a mild sedative. Brought him home and put him on the bed. His little legs wobbled and he slumped forward on his stomach, then looked at me like “Huh, what?” If I leave him alone he’s going to put on Dark Side of the Moon and order a pizza with extra bacon.

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