acmesalesrep said: Wait – people actually tried to argue that increasing pedestrian traffic would lead to more crime? Are they nuts? Or just closet racists who think “basketball fan” means “criminal”?

There was definitely a bit of racism involved, but not entirely. The opposition consisted almost entirely of people who bought property in Central Brooklyn in the 1970’s-80’s when it was at an all time low (so yes, white folks). Since then the property values rose exponentially, to the point where it was like hitting the lottery. A property that went for 100K back then is worth minimum four million now. People got very, very lucky and smug to boot. The idea that anything might happen to bring prices back into line threatens the myth of their brilliant visionary ways more than anything else. It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time, they need you to believe it happened because they were smarter than you.