Lord help me not spoil the kid as I have the dog.

I am dogsitting Toby, a dopey little schnauzer/jack russel mutt belonging to my in-laws. He’s as happy, energetic, playful, loving and unjudgemental as a doggie can be. Basically the opposite of Moe aside from the constant need for affection they have in common.

Toby came with a bag of milk bones. After our third walk this evening (in a fifth floor walkup) I offered them both a treat. Toby literally swallowed his in one bite which scared the hell out of me. Thought I might need to do a dog heimlich. Moe did a triple take before deigning to take it in his mouth. He then went over and dropped it on his pillow, laying down next to it. Every so often he licks it, rears his head back in disgust, then looks at Toby sitting a few feet away desperately wanting what Moe can’t be bothered to eat or share.

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