Since moving to America I’ve found that apparently very few Americans know all this. So I spent six hours designing a fancy photoset to explain it all. Naturally.

I hate to be that guy and make all this even more confusing and difficult to remember butttt…

The term British Isles is controversial in Ireland,[8][13] where there are objections to its usage due to the association of the word British with Ireland.[14]The Government of Ireland does not recognise or use the term[15] and its embassy in London discourages its use.[16]

I am not British and I am not from the “British Isles”. :/

These posts/photosets really annoy me.

This photoset has an awfully condescending tone considering the iffiness of a couple of the facts.

I’m sure the Northern Irish people would be very impressed with having “no flag” considering there have been protests and riots over the Union Jack recently.