Zen and the Art of Meatball Making

I did it. No question about it, I just cooked the best dish of my life. It was just a bowl of meatballs and sauce, but it was incredibly tasty and without question my best cooking effort yet. Like most great dishes, it came about due to the best ingredients,acquired wisdom and technique and ingenuity.

I had a couple pounds of lovely rough ground wagyu beef. Added a pound of fresh ground veal,five eggs, a half cup fresh grated pecorino romana, half cup of chopped parsley, three cloves minced garlic, a quarter cup seasoned bread crumbs and salt and pepper. The ingenuity was taking three leftover Martins potato rolls, soaking them in whole milk,then tearing them into tiny pieces and adding them to the mix.

I fried the balls in olive oil, then used the whole mess as the base for a sauce. cannot describe to you how light and flavorful the meatballs are. The sweet San Marzano sauce is the perfect bath for them. Just absolutely crushed this one.

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