"Lewis — always quick to tell reporters to read their Bible — refuses to talk about specifics regarding the case when asked, though he did tell students at Harvard last March that “those families that were affected will never know the truth. And that’s sad.”
Uh, why can’t Lewis tell the families exactly what happened? Too busy filming Madden 13 commercials and auditioning for a job at ESPN? Again, I’m not religious, but if I were half as devout as Lewis claims to be I would be obsessed with finding out who killed Baker and Lollar, if only to bring peace to the families and to myself. That strikes me as the most Christian thing to do, no? (Did I miss the interviews with members of the Baker and Lollar families on “A Football Life?” Must be part of the deleted scenes on the DVD.)
But that’s not going to happen, and you can speculate why or why not. Here’s what will happen: Ray Lewis will be the subject of breathless profiles all week long leading up to this game. People — Patriots players included — will talk about Lewis as if he is some kind of higher power. Lewis will give a pregame speech to his team that CBS will somehow (another miracle) manage to get clear video and audio of, and the fellas on TV will pretend this is a completely organic event, even though it happens every single week.
And win or lose, Lewis will be the story. And his first words after the game will be about God, but they’ll really be about Ray Lewis. Great football player but ruthless self-promoter, enabled by a media only too happy to close their eyes and go along for the ride. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe CBS or NFL Network or ESPN will devote 20 minutes to the Baker and Lollar familes and their search for justice on Sunday.
Now that would be a miracle."

patriots - Why it’s hard to believe in Ray Lewis - WEEI | Kirk Minihane

Fuck this fraud. 

(via wentdog) The members of the media should begin every press conference, story, interview or any interaction whatsoever with anyone associated with the Baltimore Ravens with a question about Lewis’ involvement with these murders. Sounds harsh, but he is very much held up as the face of the franchise. He constantly spouts off about God, and he is reputedly about to start a career as a commentator for ESPN. I think he needs to wash the blood off his hands first, and anything less is unacceptable.

(via wentdog)