You’re killing me, NY Times

I try not to pick on the New York Times, and believe me it’s tempting. Every Sunday I wind up re-reading the Modern Love column several times to be certain it isn’t parody. Hell, you could say the same about the entire Style section. Still those are easy targets, and worth looking past out of respect for what the paper represents. It remains as the paper of historical record and going forward is arguably the last great newspaper. As such it deserves our support, and I attempt to do so.

I almost always grab the paper as part of a larger purchase, so it wasn’t until the other day that I noticed the weekday price was set at $2.50. I’m sorry, but that’s a little ridiculous. I’d be a little more accepting of it if I were just buying a paper. Instead, however, I am paying for year after year of terrible management decisions. Questionable leadership hired and cultivated Jayson Blair and stuck with Judy Batista. It launched the ill-conceived “Times TV” effort. When you attempt to build a network around Charlie LeDuff it’s a pretty clear sign that incompetence rules the day. The same people chose the moment that the industry was near death to double down by purchasing the Boston Globe and related properties. Recently they hired an editor who was fleeing Britain just ahead of felony wiretapping charges. I love reading the paper but they aren’t making it easy.