If Jess promised me the most mind-blowing sex of my life I still wouldn’t go see the movie “This is 40”. Why, you ask? Paul Rudd might just be the most overrated actor in the history of cinema. Leslie Mann might be the worst at what she does than anybody is at any other job. And Judd Apatow is a fucking hack who hasn’t made a good movie since “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Even that was just ok.

Spread the word, Brother! I unfortunately did see This is 40 and would like two and a half hours of my life back. Rudd wasn’t terrible, but he’s basically Apatow’s surrogate and is forced to play against the real life wife and kids. The wife is unpleasant, not a great actress, and not particularly sexy. She’s just plain mean. Unfortunately, as the director is cuckolded, he plays her as being the exact opposite. Just because he chose terribly when selecting a partner doesn’t mean that you have to. The older daughter isn’t terrible, I must admit. She may have a future in the business, nepotism aside. The younger daughter is in way over her head. Worse, they try to force feed her a couple “catchphrase” moments which are undermined horribly be her complete lack of training and ability as an actor. My God, they feed her such softballs. You can see that they were clearly meant for the trailer had she not mangled them so completely. I know how he works and can guarantee you that they spent an entire day trying to coax a decent line reading out of the kid. Her abysmal failure to deliver such is why you don’t see her in the trailer. Good God, avoid this film.