Barclays Center

I have to say, I was hoping to like it more than I did. The location is great, sitting in the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues. You are right on top of five major subway lines and the LIRR, right in the commercial heart of Brooklyn. Looking back at the local residents who made a career out of protesting the arena’s construction you realize that it was asshole NIMBYism of the worst kind. I love the way the arena sits astride these two broad avenues.

It does present itself much better at night, which is clearly no accident. You see little of the oxidized rusted exterior beyond it’s silhouette, and they make great use of led’s to prsent the building. The inside is finished in pretty standard arena fixtures, albeit in dark grey and black tones. I couldn’t help feel that it will be less than five years before they do the first major renovation. Sightlines were generally good, but like many modern stadiums and arenas it seems like the goal is to create as many specialized seating areas as possible. The idea is to wedge as many different, unique little seating areas in as possible in order to drive up price points. It makes for a confusing layout.

The food options were a real letdown. The promise was for lots of local Brooklyn purveyors. There were some L & B Spumoni Gardens stands, but mostly it was your generic arena food with a “Brooklyn” label stamped on it. When I attempted to order a double whiskey neat I was told that company policy only allowed hard liquor to be served over ice. WTF is that?

Overall I give the place a big “meh”. The best thing about it is the location.