Good fences make good neighbors

Oh, hey, you live in our building, right?

(Yes, lady, we have lived in the same building for 15 years)

And you own a dog?

(Is that what the furry thing on the end of the leash currently in my hand is? Huh, I guess I do)

Listen, I forget your name…

(Kind of shitty of you not to remember, Ms. Donna Goldman)

But aren’t you a scout or something?

(Location Manager and scout yes, one of the better-known ones around. Considering that you attempted to make it as a scout several years ago and I fired you for incompetence you probably should know what I do for a living)

So you’re at home during the day?

(No, that’s exactly the opposite of what a scout does. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work out for you)

Because I got this dog and it barks when I am out.

(Despite all this I offer to walk the dog if I am around)

No, I don’t need a walker, I need someone to watch him all day. I work long hours.

(Yeahhhhhhh, that’s not going to work so well.)